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     I enjoy writing cozy mystery novels about Lindsey Grayson, the wildlife photographer in Photo Shoot, Point and Shoot, and Educated Guess! 

     Soon I will introduce Tonya Schoenthaller Allen, a first grade teacher in small town Sandhill Junction, Kansas!  She can't let injustice go!


     I also write children's books based on speech sounds which are often difficult for those young speakers.

     My love for photography comes through in all my books since Lindsey is a wildlife photographer and my children's books are all illustrated using my own photos.

Whether you are looking for a fun read for yourself or something for those very little people in your life, I hope you enjoy yourself!

Life is short, relax with a good book !

Now Available!

 boxed set in Kindle version of the first 3 Lindsey Grayson mysteries. 

Be ready when book 4 comes out!


Snapshot thoughts:

The newest publication is the Boxed Set of Lindsey Grayson mysteries! 

This new set is in Kindle version and is available for 50% of the cost of buying each separately!

The first in a new series of cozy mysteries is now with an editor for review! 

This series features Tanya Allen, a first grade teacher in small town Kansas.

The first book is Dead of Summer!




Point and Shoot

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When photographer, Lindsey Grayson, embarks on a cross country photography trip to attend a seminar and rebuild her life, she never expected to encounter death and violence.  Murder and danger destroy the peaceful trip, but put her life in perspective.

Photo Shoot, the first in the series!

Now in audio, Kindle, and paperback!

Freelance photographer Lindsey Grayson had planned a quiet morning snapping photos in the forest. When she becomes the only witness to a vicious double murder, she’s glad that she has her camera ready. Lindsey quickly and quietly documents the event and then alerts the authorities. She doesn’t expect to become embroiled in the mystery, but when her photos hit the news, the killer realizes he didn’t go undetected. He won’t think twice about eliminating a witness. Lindsey’s world is soon turned upside down as she finds herself fighting to stay alive and bring the killer to justice. Rival gangs, a growing drug ring, and a startling kidnapping all play a part in making this one photo shoot that she will never forget.

By Jane
PHOTO SHOOT, by Rae Cuda is a delightful little read. At 115 pages coupled with Cuda's well crafted prose, she gets into the meat of the story in just a few pages and has you following this 61 year old grandmother across New Mexico with all the details one demands of a good novel. A double murder mystery that gets the reader behind the lens of her camera and creates a tale that so possibly could be the readers own, you may forget it isn't real. As you approach the end, you wonder how on earth she is going to be able to tie up the chaos with a plausible ending, but she does. I woke up this morning and read it again. What a delight. Can't wait for her next novel to come out.

Educated Guess

the third Lindsey Grayson mystery! 

When a college freshman from small town Kansas is found dead, his former teacher is suspicious and draws on her old friend Lindsey Grayson to help explain his untimely death.  Gaining the truse of the victim's fellow basketball players and friends, the ladies seek to learn everything possible to help his family cope and uncover the identity of a murderer.  When one of the boy's roomates is also murdered, the pressure escalates to protect the remaining roomate and see that the killer is unveiled.

Literacy Links to Phonology

/s/ clusters

1)In the Snow

2)Stars & Stars

3)What Makes You Smile?


5) What Color is the Sky?

6) Boots 


 In the Snow is the first in the series, Literacy Links to Phonology, which ties children's books to the speech sound young children often have difficulty learning. It features repetitive use of the word "snow" and rhyming to enhance learning of this metalinguistic skill.  








Boots is the sixth in the series, Literacy Links to Phonology. It represents the first of the word final /s/ clusters.


Stars & Stars is the second in the Literacy Links to Phonology series. This book features repetition of the word "star" and introduces describing words for each star pictured, bringing in opportunities to develop early compare and contrast skills. Each book in the series also includes a section called "What about you?" which provides guided questions for discussion of examples from the child's environment. 


What Makes You Smile? 

The third in the series of Literacy Links to Phonology! 

The first book written with my co-author and grandson, Aidyn Cuda! 

This book features repetition and offers opportunities to practice prediction with children developing language skills.


The fourth book in the series Literacy Links to Phonology, Spin features repetition of the word spin with a variety of things that spin.  This book uses repetition and introduces the idea of mutliple meanings to this word, while providing practice and auditory bombardment of one of the basic /s/ clusters in speech.


What Color is the Sky?

The fifth in the sertis of Literacy Links to Phonology!  This is the final in the group of initial /s/ clusters emphasizing the word 'sky'.  Repetiton is used and color concepts to enhance learning for young children. 



Do You See Something Green?

This is a part of the series Literacy Links to Phonology and represebts the first to emphasize one of the liquid blends. 

It features repetition and common things within the environment which are green and familiar to young children. 

As all in this series a second section in the book brings the child to observe in their own world. 


Literacy Links to Phonology


1) Do You See Something Green?







coming soon!

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